Cybersecurity Consulting to Meet the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Businesses today are faced with constantly evolving cyber threats and fast-changing regulatory environments. ATMP Solutions can help you build and maintain a comprehensive compliance and security framework to help understand and mitigate risks and meet customer and regulatory requirements.

ATMP Solutions works closely with you to set up a security and compliance framework built around a set of administrative, physical, and technical controls, including:

  • Preparing and responding to questionnaires sent by customers or regulators
  • Implementing data protection for you and your customer’s sensitive information assets
  • Understanding your responsibilities in relationships with cloud service and IT providers
  • Assess the risk when exposing sensitive information assets in your supply chain

Changing Federal Regulations

Organizations are often faced with customer and/or regulator cybersecurity requirements.  Our process is designed to provide customers the ability to meet one or more sets of standards.

Risk Management

The basis for any cybersecurity framework implementation is a sound asset-based risk analysis and subsequent risk management strategy. Our solutions are designed to provide each customer a unique risk snapshot and implement a comprehensive, but practical, framework that addresses compliance and security.

Personal Attention

Far too often, organizations are guided by checklists that do not directly translate to risk.  In today’s increasingly commoditized world, we take the time to ensure each customer receives personal attention when it is needed.


We simplify the process of implementing a cybersecurity framework and educate our customers with the objective of self-sufficiency.  We also recognize that compliance and security are not one-time events.  We take pride in helping our customers become good stewards of the information assets.

Our Cybersecurity Services

Risk Analysis

The basis for any cybersecurity framework implementation is a sound asset-based risk analysis and subsequent risk management strategy.  Our team leverages accepted standards in developing a comprehensive asset-based Risk Analysis as opposed to Yes/No checklists.  The analysis considers probability of occurrence, impact to your business, and internal threats and vulnerabilities related to each asset.

Compliance and Security Framework Implementation

ATMP Solutions will assist in the development, modification and implementation of a comprehensive framework to attest or achieve certification.

ISO 27001:2013
HIPAA Security Rule
NIST 800.171
NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)

Vendor Risk Management

In addition to the critical information assets that organizations store, process, or transmit internally, our methodology provides customers the ability to understand the risk profile and security posture as it relates to information shared with third-parties in the supply chain.