Assignment of Logical and Physical Rights v2.0

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The processes around the assignment and establishment of rights is generally completed in four distinct steps.  Additionally, parallels can be drawn between the assignment and management of logical and physical rights and entitlements.  The following process map demonstrates the steps involved in the assignment and management of these rights:

Take note of the separation of duties in the process map.  Additionally, once the rights and entitlements have been established, access is reviewed on a regular basis, typically quarterly by the asset owner.

With this in mind, please remember the following guidelines:

  1. Be mindful of rights and entitlements that you currently possess.
  2. Try not to retain rights and entitlements that you no longer require.
  3. Always be on the lookout for inappropriate access or abuse.
  4. Never assign rights and entitlements to another individual without methodically progressing through an appropriate governance and approval process.
  5. This process applies to the assignment of rights to both physical areas and logical entitlements.
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